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police involved in a shootout at an apartment complex. what led to the gunfire? good morning. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. the region recovering from the storm. about 25,000 customers lost power. it happened when wind gusts snapped trees and landed the branches on power lines. this morning they're restore service to the last few without electricity. and heavy downpours left as much as 18 inches of rain in maryland. some students had to walk through knee deep water in get home. flooding was a concern in the bloomingdale section of d.c., but no damage done. >> will the rain stay away? here's meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. yesterday afternoon at 3:10 p.m., reagan national had a wind gust of 61 miles an hour. those winds were really packing a punch. that's what, as you mentioned, caused the power outage.
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the winds blustery, but not that strong. the cloud cover beginning to break up just to our west. still a few sprinkles in calv t calvert, st. mary's, and the northern neck. right now it's down to the low 50s in the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. chilly there. montgomery, arlington, fairfax. by 7:00 a.m., cloudy. winds still blustery. upper 60s and partly cloudy. and then a for justigorgeous af with low humidity, sunshine. low 70s by 3:00. sunset at 7:09. hometown forecast at 7:11. danella with the look at first 4 traffic.
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" a live view at chopper 4. as you make your way east, the headlights, you can see volume. good news on 66, not seeing any accidents. you are a bit sluggish. your first set of delays on i-66 as you make your way eastbound. as you make your way past the rest area. travel lanes are open. it's that time of morning, you are starting to hit the brakes. taking the dulles toll road, your travel speed as you hit the beltway, 60 miles per hour. very low volume. that drive is going to take you six minutes. also looking good is 29. if you're along 29 between columbia and the beltway in both directions, no major delays just yet. no accidents. southbound is beginning to pick up volume. a heads up this morning. if your travel plans take you north on amtrak, delays between washington and baltimore because of signal problems. if you are heading that way, expect a longer trip this morning. we are following breaking news out of southeast washington right now. police have shot a man near the
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d.c./maryland border. prince george's county police officers say they opened fire after the man shot at them. news 4's melissa mollet live where it all went down. melissa? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. the road has been blocked since 10:30 last night. investigators still out here on the scene. as you can see here behind me, about three blocks here completely shut down along southern avenue. they are waiting until daylight to get a better one last look at the scene. here's what we know. just after 10:00, d.c. and prince george's police started getting calls about a man walking through an apartment complex here firing a gun into the air. police say, when they arrived, two uniformed officers and marked cars confronted the man with the gun. they asked him several times to put it down. he would not and fired at them in the 800 block of southern avenue. that's where i'm standing this morning.
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we spoke with two men who heard gunshots. >> i heard about two gunshots, and that's about it. we saw southern avenue totally blocked off. >> it's crazy, and it's scary because i only live right down the street. it's kind of scary to know that you hear that type of action that's happening at the time of the night. >> reporter: the suspect was hit multiple times in the back and transported in grave condition. both officers on standard administrative leave pending the investigation. and d.c. police will be in charge of this investigation even though it was prince george's officers that did the shooting. live in southeast washington, melissa mollet, news 4. back to you. 6:04 now. next month marks the tenth anniversary of the beltway sniper spree. ten people were killed and three others were wounded in a three-week stretch that terrified the d.c. area. police eventually arrested john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo for the shootings. they were later convicted. last night local police agencies looked back at the sniper shootings at the national law
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enforcement museum's witness to history panel. they say it taught them valuable lessons. >> certainly we learned by working together, you can do a better job. we learned you have to involve the community, involve the media, and it has to be a cooperative effort. there were a lot of lessons learned. certainly those three were the key lessons. muhammad was eventually executed. malvo is serving a life sentence at a virginia prison. mitt romney is trying to get back on his economic message this morning while at the same time doubling down on controversial comments. the gop nominee spoke about the comments. and he refers to it in a "usa today column." "right now our nation's citizens do need help from the government, but it is a very different kind of help than what president obama wants to provide. economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperitynd lifting people
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out of poverty." >> we are also hearing president obama's view of romney's comments for the first time this morning. the president reacted to the hidden camera video last night on "the late show with david letterman." >> one of the things i've learned as president is you represent the entire country. when i meet republicans as i'm traveling around the country, they are hard working family people who care deeply about this country. >> letterman reminded the president that in 2008 he was caught on camera saying pennsylvanians love their guns and religion. the president said he realized his mistake and quickly apologized for it.
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a washington post survey said that more than half the voters approve of the job the president is doing. paul ryan will try to gain back some ground today. he'll visit danville for a rally at piedmont precision machine factory. the small town in virginia which used to be a thriving tobacco hub has fallen on hard times in recent years. plus who is expected to be behind a mass prison break just south of the u.s. border.
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today the space shuttle "endeavour" will begin its final journey. it will complete the first leg of a three-day trip from florida to the california science center in los angeles. it is now fast epd on the top of a modified boeing 747. it will fly over mississippi, the johnson space center in houston, and carry on to california and give southern californians photo-ops on
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friday. it will fly over disneyland, griffith observatory, and universal studios before it aims at l.a.x. on friday. 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the ones. >> i'm happy to report the storm is long gone. we are getting breaks in the clouds. hometown forecast. 60 and partly cloudy. by noontime partly cloudy. just into the upper 60s by then. going to be a cool afternoon. hour by hour, all around the region. highs reaching low and mid-70s by midafternoon. low humidity in place and a diminishing wind this afternoon. a look at the seven day outlook. thursday, friday, and the weekend into next week. that's in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? now i'm following breaking news on the road. if you're traveling northbound
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i-95, a car fire slowing you down at route 1. right now only the shoulder lane is getting by, and you are absolutely jammed. another accident i-95 this time at prince william parkway along the right side of the roadway. i know it's tidifficult to see, but police are on the scene. i-95 absolute bumper to bumper from dale city as you make your way from route 1. going to keep watching both of those accidents. let's head over to the rails. penn south number 400 because of last night's storm, facing a 30-minute delay. penn south 5058 minutes. and brunswick east 890 a 10-minute delay. a comment that one man posted on a popular sports website that landed him in jail.
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"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. i'm angie goff with breaking news. france will close its schools and public buildings on friday, the muslim holy day, after a magazine published controversial photos of the prophet muhammad.
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some of the photos include the prophet naked. today's publishing of the photos follows a weekend outrage over the publishing of a muslim film made in the u.s. i'm angie goff. news 4. packers are threatening hac go after the new york stock exchange after the anti-muslim video. the stock exchange isn't commenting on the threat. one of the americans killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last week will be laid to rest today. glen doherty was a former navy s.e.a.l. who was working in private security when he died last week. the u.s. ambassador to libya and two other americans were also killed. in the meantime, the white house now says it appears that attack was not premeditated. libya's president insists foreign militants plotted the attack for months. the obama administration says there's no evidence yet to
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support that claim, but it is still investigating the incident. 6:16. officials trying to determine what caused a natural gas pipeline to catch fire, killing 26 people and injuring dozens along the south texas border. the fire happened yesterday afternoon at a mexican owned oil company in the city of reynosa across the border from mcallen, texas. it forced them to evacuate nearby ranches and homes and took crews an hour and a half to put out the fire. also not far from the u.s. border, new information about the massive mexican prison break. police detained the prison director and two other officials while they investigate. they now say 129 inmates escaped from the tunnel just across the border from eagle pass, texas. authorities believe a mexican drug cartel organized the break. a man accused of threatening children is behind bars this morning after a cross country investigation. the man is in his 20s and was found in his home in valencia, california. police there were tipped off by
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investigators in connecticut who saw a post on an espn blog who said a man was watching children and wouldn't mind killing them. the home where the man was found overlooks two schools. police found several guns inside as well. those comments also reportedly referenced the colorado movie theater shooting. the chicago teachers strike is now over. 350,000 chicago students headed back to school this morning. the teachers union delegates overwhelmingly voted to end that seven day strike. the new contract includes a 7% cost of living raise over three years. teachers will now also be rated in part how students perform on standardized tests. underrated teachers can be laid off in the first year of the contract. prince william and the duchess of cambridge are on their way home. >> this comes after a stressful and trying week for the royal couple. the two made a stop in brisbane, australia this morning, after a nine-day tour in southeast asia. the trip was largely overshad owed by the publication of
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topless photos of princess kate. yesterday a french tabloid was required to remove the pictures from their magazines. you were probably asleep at 4:00 this morning, but many orioles fans were still awake cheering on their team. the o's finally beat the seattle mariners 4-2 in 18 innings. the game started just after 10:00 on the east coast and didn't end until 4:00 this morning. we could have watched the game, aaron. this was a huge game for the orioles. the win moved them to a tie for first place with the yankees in the american league east. >> write this down, folks. the nationals could clinch a spot for the nlds next week. but tickets for the playoff games go on sale at 10:00 on friday. you can get your tickets on or calling 888-632-nats. you can only buy four tickets
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per game. >> going to be a hot ticket. the nats play a doubleheader today because they were rained out yesterday. it is time to check the forecast now. >> no rain concerns today, tom. perfect weather for a doubleheader at nats park today. starting off this morning a cloudy sky over washington, but it's beginning to clear a bit. from the shenandoah valley west, breaks in the sky. sunshine breaking out around dawn at 6:54 this morning. much of the area in dark green in the 50s. the area in light green, the 60s. eastern shore, southern maryland, northern neck, a few light sprinkles this morning, it's dipped down into the 40s in western maryland and parts of west virginia. storm team 4 four-day forecast, beautiful afternoon coming up. a breezy morning, but the winds will settle down this afternoon as highs reach low to mid-70s with increasing sunshine, clear and chilly to cold. tomorrow morning, 40s in the
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mountains. a beautiful afternoon thursday and again on friday. 70s tomorrow, near 80 friday. over the weekend, might get a shower saturday night. otherwise, the weekend look terrific. danella, how's traffic? breaking news on the roadways. i-95 northbound, all lanes blocked at route 1. you are able to get by, but what you have to do is share the entrance ramp from route 1 to get on i-95. they're alternating volume. so police are on the scene. they're allowing all the travelers on route 1 to get a chance to get onto i-95. traveling northbound i-95, they'll then hold this volume and then allow i-95 northbound to get in the entrance ramp lane and then get back on i-95 northbound. it is a mess. if you can avoid i-95, i would. looks like the car fire is out. it's still an active accident scene.
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it's closed because of a water main break. and a police investigation has southern avenue closed from 17th street to 9th street. 6:22 is our time now. after the break, the historian who claims to have made a major revelation about jesus. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. this greek style yogurt has style.
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and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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a new study shows a possible source of childhood obesity. the chemical in cans, bpa for short. researchers found those with the chemical were twice as likely to be obese. it can affect hormonal cycles in children. just six words on an ancient piece of papyrus can cause explosive words in the christian
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tradition. it says six words, "jesus said to them my wife." he said the paper is not historical evidence that jesus had a wife, but it does suggest that christians in the 4th century likely held that belief. researchers are still trying to figure out who wrote that passage. and this researcher is asking others, who are experts on this as she is, to weigh in. >> and the tough thing is no one will know what jesus really meant or what he actually said. coming up, a navy commander in hot water. why investigators say he faked his own death. this message. experiences classrooms. sizes don't matter... by 20%. teaching to some test... he personally cannot relate to. education, children.
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a take a big look at this mess. i-95 northbound at route 1. danella sealock with more. >> here's a live look from chopper 4. if you're traveling northbound on i-95, all of the northbound lanes are blocked due to not aearlier car fire. you are able to get by. if you're traveling on route 1 trying to take the entrance ramp to i-95, you're sharing those lanes with all the travelers from i-95. delays on i-95 looking like at least six to seven-mile backup on i-95. route 1, also, you're feeling the delays because it's hard to get on i-95 because of the entrance ramp you're sharing with these travelers. you can see how police are directing all of the drivers on i-95 to share the entrance ramp with route 1. also seeing problems this time in arlington, columbia pike.
6:31 am
water main break blocking all of your lanes between south wakefield street to south taylor street. still dealing with police activity. southeast washington, d.c., southern avenue closed right now between chesapeake street to ninth street. big delays in the area. also along the rails. penn north train number 400, 30 minute delay. penn south 505, 17 minute delay. and penn south 409, an 11-minute delay. >> severe storms blew through our area yesterday. >> meteorologist tom kierein with a look at how the weather conditions is outside. what a difference a day makes. yesterday the air was thick with humidity. sky was angry. clouds scowling at us. now they have cleared out now
6:32 am
right here in northwest washington. venus off in the distance. 63 at reagan national. you can see breaks in the clouds over the potomac. dewpoint down to 51. a blustery wind coming up out of the north. gusting to 15, 20 miles an hour. increasing sunshine today. temperatures are chilly. we are down into the 50s much of maryland and virginia. out of the mountains, many locations are down into the upper 40s. closer to washington, montgomery, fairfax, arlington, prince george's county, generally upper 50s. as the day goes by here, an autumnal pattern for the weekend. for today, low 60s. by noon, upper 60s. winds will settle down this afternoon. low humidity, lots of sun, highs reaching low 70s. sunrise at 6:54. sunset at 7:09. i'm back with the hometown
6:33 am
forecast in just about ten minutes. eun? >> tom, thank you. 6:32. we now know a little more about the problematic proposal that got a pilot assigned to desk duty. school administrators at patriot high school in nokesville, virginia, say they approved the over the top invitation by a customs border and patrol helicopter. the pilot hovered over the school and dropped a stuffed animal and a card on school grounds. he was helping his son ask a girl to homecoming. the girl is a kicker on the football team. she was on the field practicing at the time. no word on whether she accepted the invitation, but we do hear she probably said yes. a navy sub commander is behind a desk after trying to end an affair by faking his own death. he had a co-worker e-mail him saying he had died. she went to his virginia home to pay her condolences and learned the man was alive. the officer met the woman through an online dating service but decided to cut ties when he
6:34 am
was transferred to a submarine in connecticut. he has received a letter of reprimand and lost command of his sub. this morning the search is on for the killer of a researcher at the national institutes of health. police say someone shot 51-year-old peter marbet outside his house in baltimore monday night. police say he was confronted as he got out of his car. marbet worked with nih at and taught at the university of maryland. this morning a for sale sign is raising new questions about whether congressman jesse jackson jr. will return to work. according to a number of real estate websites, his four bedroom dupont circle home has been on the market for two weeks. jackson was admitted to the mayo clinic in late july to be treated for bipolar disorder. he returned to his home the day before it was apparently listed for sale. myanmar leader aung san suu
6:35 am
kyi will receive the congressional gold medal. she was actually awarded the medal in 2008 when she was under house arrest. myanmar's leaders kept her under house arrest for two decades. her trip will last two weeks. she began her historic trip here yesterday by meeting with secretary of state hillary clinton. the national zoo's newest addition has been hard to see, but, boy, does that panda cub have a set of lungs on him. this is the panda cam video from yesterday. zoo keeper say all that noise and squirming is from the newborn. it means the cub is health yichlt. zoo staff say the mom mei xiang is doing great in terms of cradling and nursing the new baby. there is still some anxiety. cubs are at high risk for infection. so the next few days are critical. >> the cub is so little and mom mei xiang is so huge. she holds the cub in her mouth. she has to groom it and nurse it. i'm just worried about the baby.
6:36 am
>> it will all work out. it will be fine. >> i hope so. >> keep screaming. ahead, the school district that says father-daughter dances that break the law.
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sunrise still a few minutes away. already you can see some rays starting to cut through all the clouds we had to deal with yesterday. >> storms are out. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein telling us about nice weather ahead. tom, good morning. and the chill is in. we have really seen our temperatures plummet just in the last couple of hours from the low to mid-60s a couple of hours ago. now it's back down into the 50s much of the region. that includes montgomery county where rockville, gaithersburg,
6:40 am
now 58, 57 degrees. right now in prince george's county from college park down to camp springs, it's only around 60. reagan national at 63. in arlington, fairfax, out father to our west, just near 60 degrees l as well. southern maryland, just near 60. fairfax county, upper 50s. chill is going to stay with us for another hour or two. by the launch hour, into the upper 60s and partly cloudy. for the whole region, hour by hour, we'll get increasing sunshine. highs reaching low 70s by midafternoon. and then by late afternoon back down to near 70 with lots of sunshine. great weather for today's nationals-dodgers doubleheader at nats park. i'll have the seven-day outlook. we'll look at tomorrow, friday, and the weekend in ten minutes. now danella has a look at traffic. good morning. i'm still tracking breaking news i-95 in the northbound lanes blocked by an earlier car
6:41 am
fire in route 1. you are able to get by in just one lane. you're sharing the entrance ramp lanes from route 1. traveling route 1 trying to get on i-95, you're slow. i-95 delays, you're absolutely jammed. we're talking about at least an eight-mile backup. your best bet, take the hov lanes. they're getting by just fine. let's head over right now to 95. we're talking bw parkway at the beltway, northbound lanes, your left lane is blocked by the accident there, and you are seeing really big bladelays. as you make your way route 50, heavy delays as you continue northbound through the beltway. outer loop of the beltway, you're slow approaching i-95. delays continue as you head towards georgia avenue. sluggish. eun, over to you. >> 6:41 now. we're following breaking news out of the district. a man is in critical condition after police shot him several times. the prince george's county say the man opened fire on them first. it all went down last night on southern avenue southeast along the d.c.-maryland border.
6:42 am
news 4's melissa mollet is live with more. melissa, good morning? >> reporter: good morning to you, eun. that's right. this happened at 10:30 last night. the road behind me has been shut down since then. you can see a lot of this traffic turning left and trying to go around the crime scene here. the officers have been out here since last night waiting until daylight to get a look at the scene. just after 10:00 last night, prince george's county police getting calls about a man firing a gun into the air. police say, when they arrived, two uniformed officers in marked cars confronted the man with the gun. they asked him several times to put the gun down. he would not, and fired at them here in the 800 block of southern avenue. the two officers fired back. we spoke with two people who live in the complex. >> it was like 10:00 last night, getting ready to go to bed. heard about five or six
6:43 am
gunshots. all i could see was sirens. i came outside and seen everybody coming toward the street. that's when he seen the police and fire truck that was out here. >> d.c. police will be in charge of the investigation. it was two prince george's officers that shot at the suspect. he was hit multiple times in the back and the legs. he was transported to a hospital in grave condition. again, if you're coming through the southern avenue corridor here any time this morning, you might want to think about a different route because folks are having to circumvent the area and get around it. still shut down for another couple hours. in southwest washington, melissa mollet, news 4. a 13-year-old boy from laurel facing charges for firing a bb gun at students while waiting for the school bus in anne arundel county. the student was hit in the leg. he suffered minor injuries. both students on their way to macarthur middle school in ft. mead yesterday morning.
6:44 am
police say, once they got there, school officials questioned the students after receiving a call from the parent who saw the student with the bb gun. school officials found that gun and the knife with a seven-inch blade in the boy's backpack. police arrested a man who opened fire at morgan state in baltimore. 20-year-old kelly ellerby jr. faces several charges including attempted murder. he shot a 19-year-old at the student center earlier in the month causing a lock droun on campus. the victim was on campus visiting a relative. law enforcement officials coming together to commemorate the ten-year an verniversary of worst crime spree in history. ten people were killed and three others wounded. john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo arrested for those shootings. police agencies talked about at
6:45 am
last night's witness to history panel. >> certainly we learned by working together you can do a better job. we learned you have to involve the community, have to involve the media, and it has to be a collective effort. there were a the lot of lessons learned, but certainly those three were the key lessons. >> john allen muhammad was later executed. lee boyd malvo is serving a life sentence in a virginia prison. mitt romney is doubling down on controversial comments this morning while also trying to get back on message. the gop nominee didn't mention the hidden camera video when he spoke at a fund-raiser last night. but he did allude to those comments in "usa today," saying, "right now our nation's citizens do need help from government but it is a very different kind of help than what president obama wants to provide. economic freedom is the only force that has consistently created sustained prosperity and lifting america out of poverty." >> the president reacted to the hidden camera video last night
6:46 am
on "the late show with david letterman." >> one of the things i've learned as president is you represent the entire country. when i meet republicans as i'm traveling around the country, they are hard working family people who care deeply about this country. my expectation is that, if you want to be president, you've got to work for everybody, not just for some. >> letterman also brought up a similar miscue by the president in 2008. he was caught on camera saying voters in pennsylvania clung to their guns and religion. the president told letterman he recognized that as a mistake and quickly apologized for it. romney is already battling from behind in virginia. a new "the washington post" poll shows the president with an eight-point lead over mitt romney, 52% to 44% in the critical swing state. and the poll found that more than half of voters approve of the job the president is doing.
6:47 am
romney running mate paul ryan will try to gain background in the commonwealth. he'll visit danville for a rally at the piedmont machine factory. the town used to be a thriving textile and tobacco hub. and it's fallin' on hard times. senate candidates tim kaine and george allen will face off in a live debate tomorrow. it gets under way at noon in mclean, virginia. "meet the press" moderator david gregory will moderate the debate. i, along with julie carey, will be the panelists. cnbc seema modi is live. >> target planning to hire 80,000 to 90,000 seasonal workers this holiday season. while that seems like a lot, it's down from the 92,000 the retailers add the last year. keep that in mind. however, target says 30% of those seasonal workers stayed
6:48 am
with the company for year round positions. kohl's plans to increase holiday hiring 10% this year, or an average of 41 people per store. they expect holiday sales to be on par with last year. holiday hiring is generally a good indicator on how confident retailers are with the seasonal business. you can never get too early to start planning the holidays. >> seema, thanks so much. this morning no major damage after hard hitting storms moved through the region. the rain came in very heavy downpours. look at that guy, the wind brought down trees and power lines in northern virginia. one outage at an intersection tied up traffic in route 7 in vienna. the dominion, virginia power crews quickly fixed the lines. flash flooding in frederick had students high stepping through knee deep water to get home from school. all that rain left as much as 18 inches in this part of maryland. check out miller's island in baltimore county, a lot of homes calling their insurance companies likely to report flood damage.
6:49 am
waves from the chesapeake bay crashed over the sea walls right onto those backyards. some spots saw up to a foot of water right up into their yards and onto the streets. it is not the water, but one big tree causing a huge headache for a maryland family. the tree fell through their house in cheverly, barely missing a woman inside. then as restoration crews tried to cut the tree down. the porch collapsed. no one was hurt. the woman home during all that said the incident could have been much worse. >> i'm very, very blessed. not lucky, but blessed. the tree didn't get me by six inches. that's where it would have landed, in my bathroom with wme. >> that is too close for comfort. the house is 110 years old and structurally sound. they expect the damage from the fallen tree to be quickly repaired, so they could move back in soon. >> a lot of people with that sigh of relief. tom, we can look forward to much calmer days ahead. >> thankfully. the storm long gone. we've had a chill move in in the
6:50 am
wake of that storm. right now around the region, we've got chilly temperatures, but by contrast last week, we had a gorgeous sunset. this was taken near solomon ps a 's by robin klein sent to beautiful sunset picture at solomon's in southern maryland. look at this gorgeous sunrise. cloud cover breaking up over the potomac. sunrise i going to be coming up here in just about two minutes. 6:54. 63 at reagan national. dewpoint down to 51. yesterday morning, dewpoints around 70. it is really dried out. winds out of the north gusting to around 10, 15 miles an hour. you need a jacket this morning or a sweater. it's off to a chilly start. we have just a few high clouds drifting up from the southwest heading northeast. but a clearing sky west of washington into the mountains. eventually that dry air is moving our way as high pressure pushes in. as it is moving into the mountains, many locations in the 40s this morning.
6:51 am
it's dipped down into the 30s much of ohio, indiana, michigan. up around chicago. they're getting their first frost of the season. some of that chilly air going to be coming our way next couple of days. partly cloudy by 8:00 a.m. still cool and breezy. upper 50s and low 60s for the lunch hour. upper 60s to near 70. still a bit of a blustery wind but mostly sunny. the winds diminish this afternoon. storm team 4 forecast highs reaching low 70s. overnight tonight, mostly clear. and that chill moving into the metro area. tomorrow morning, it will be down to just near 50 degrees. we may have 40s in many of the suburbs and rural areas starting off thursday morning. we'll recover thursday afternoon into the low and mid-70s. partly cloudy, low humidity. low humidity around still on friday too. not as cool in the morning. afternoon highs around 80. a beautiful day. into the weekend, most of saturday should be dry. highs reaching near 80. saturday night, you're heading
6:52 am
out. we may be dodging some showers as the front moves through after that front goes by. another shot of cool, dry air. highs reaching near 70 monday, tuesday, as we get back to work and school. danella, good morning. how's the traffic? here's an update on the breaking news at i-95 northbound on route 1. the earlier car fire is gone. you can see from chopper 4, you're facing a nine-mile backup as you travel northbound on i-95 in virginia. it is sluggish. take a look at hov. grab two of your friends and co-workers and take hov instead. it is a mess. also keeping an eye out on i-95, have a stalled vehicle at the occoquan traveling northbound. blocking your right center lane. also slowing you down. let's head over this time to i-270, heading southbound. solid delays from germantown as you make your way toward the beltway. still keeping an eye on the accident 295 northbound. bw parkway at the beltway. that left lane is blocked.
6:53 am
and the water main break, columbia pike is close the right now from south wakefield street to south taylor street. tony tull is actually on the scene now with more detail. good morning, tony. >> reporter: good morning, danella. the good news is none of the residents here are affected. arlington county officials were actually able to bypass the main. so everybody is going to have their water as you're waking up and showering this morning. there's the hole where the main busted at about 3:20 this morning. they were able to shut it off. arlington county crews are here and waiting for the power company to make sure it's okay to dig in and start repairing the pipe. as you said, they do have major road closures along columbia pike between george mason and four mile run. if you're headed out this morning, make sure you use alternate routes as you try to travel columbia pike. good news is nobody's without water. they were able to bypass the main. it's not too bad. i guess it's the best case scenario, you could say. >> tony, thank you.
6:54 am
we also could learn what you'll have to pay if you want to use the popular car service uber. the d.c. taxicab commission is expected to vote on proposed regulations for sedan car services. cabbies in the district want stricter regulations for uber, which lets customers reserve sedans and pay through an iphone app. cap companies fear uber and other consider services could put them out of business unless they have to charge more for customers. today the d.c. council will take up an emergency funding bill to upgrade and maintain the city's parking meters. the city needs $3 million more than expected to make im. pros. they include connecting 6,000 spaces to a central network so communications officials can know when they're empty. and they need money to pay for credit card processing. it will come from $6 million in extra revenue from parking meters this year. school officials in a rhode island community are ending a tradition of father-daughter dances and mother-son ball games. family events have been a tradition in kraston, rhode
6:55 am
island. after a letter from the aclu, the superintendent said they can no longer be gender specific because it violates the state's gender specific law. >> i'm really disappointed, especially on behalf of many of those fathers, daughters, mothers, sons. >> everybody has a mother for whatever reason, not because they passed away, divorce, some people have lost custody for whatever reason, and grandma and grandpa, and i don't want any child to ever feel embarrassed about who their family is. >> more than nine years ago, some schools in the kraston district created events to include the whole family. >> tom kierein here with the final forecast. >> i get to say the word autumnal again. >> it's a good word. >> makes me sound well educated. it's going to be that way next weekend and all the way into next week. the only chance of rain over the next seven days may be saturday night. otherwise, a beautiful pattern.
6:56 am
today the winds we have this morning will diminish. afternoon highs low 70s. beautiful through the weekend into next week. danella, how we doing now? >> it's a tough commute all morning long. i-95, you're slow northbound. a live look from chopper 4. your delays are about nine miles at this time. i need you to keep in mind, still seeing the stalled vehicle northbound blocking the right center lane of your road. aaron and eun? >> thank you, danella. that's "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us.
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